August 10, 2011

Vermillion Castle Trail

The Trail

This is a moderate 0.8 mile (one way) trail with a 517 foot elevation change. However, although the trail averages moderate, all the climbing for this trail takes place along the switchbacks during the first half, and this section of the trail would probably classify as difficult.

There are a number of interesting rock formations along the trail. A small wind cave is located along the swtichbacks, and as hikers approach the top, there are a number of ridges formed out of conglomerate rock. There are even some wild looking hoodoos formed from the conglomerate rock. Soon after the hoodoos the trail levels out a great deal with only very gentle elevation changes until you reach the end of the trail. Enjoy the interesting white sandstone rocks and the twisted trees as you continue along and finally reach the Vermillion Castle rock formations that mark the trail's end.

On the maps below, a little detour is shown in green that lead to a lookout spot.

There is also a picnic and camping area just before the Vermillion Castle trail head if you turn off for the Noah's Ark trail head. There are nice restrooms here with flush toilets, however, the water at this spot is not potable.

Topographical Map (green=side path to lookout)

Graph of Elevation

Trail in Google Earth (green=side path to lookout)

Vermillion Castle

View of Noah's Ark with white sandstone rocks in foreground



This hike is located in Iron County near Cedar City and Parowan. If you are approaching Parowan from the north, take exit 78 off of I-15 and turn left onto Main Street. Continue to UT-143/Canyon Rd. and turn right. About 3.6 miles down this road, turn left onto Yankee Meadow Road/Bowery Creek Road/1st Left Hand Road. The trail head is a little over two miles up this road on the left side.

If you are coming from the south, take exit 75 off of I-15 and turn right onto 200 South. Turn right onto UT-143/Canyon Rd. and continue about 3.1 miles untile you reach Yankee Meadow Road/Bowery Creek Road/1st Left Hand Road Continue as explained above.

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A fun short hike for sure!