July 13, 2014

Hidden Haven Falls

The Trail
This easy 0.75 mile (one-way) trail has a 250 ft. elevation change. It leads to a shady and secluded waterfall that drops from the Benson Creek slot canyon into a small pool.

Topographical Map

Graph of Elevation

Trail in Google Earth

The trail starts at a wooded area and crosses the creek a couple times over bridges. It heads past a fire pit, a picnic area, and a couple benches before it heads back between two cliffs. Beware that there are some other trails that turn off from the main trail along the way. The first seems to head north and is marked by a green dot on the topographical map. The next turn-offs occur at a fire pit. There are actually two in this spot. The first seems to head up the mountain, but I am not exactly sure where. The second goes out to an amphitheater and is shown by the green trails on the maps above. The last turn-off (marked by the black square on the topographical map) is nearby the area with benches and circles around. This one circles around up the mountain and back down through the slot canyon. If you wish to go repelling down the Benson Creek slot canyon, this is the way to go.

Sego Lily

Cliff to the south of the waterfall

At this point, the trail meets up with the water again, and the trail once again crosses a stream.

Finally, the trail reaches the waterfall. The water flow was at no more than a trickle while we were there since it was a fairly dry year; it barely shows up in my pictures! The waterfall is larger during years that the area receives more water. A rough path of sorts continuing on the other side of the waterfall will lead to a nice viewpoint of the waterfall and canyon.

View of waterfall & canyon from along rough trail

Update: Due to the 2018 Brian Head Fire, this area has changed a great deal since this trail information was first posted.

This trail is located in Iron County, Utah up Parowan Canyon. To get there from the north on I-15, take Exit 78 and head south on Main Street in Parowan. Continue to UT-143/Canyon Rd. and turn left onto it. Continue for about 5.9 miles and you will come to a good sized gravel pull out on your left. There is a large sign here that reads "Parowan Canyon Wildlife Management Area," but other than that there are no markings. The trail is easy to find from this parking area even though it is not labeled.

If you are coming from the south, take Exit 75 and head east on UT-143. Turn right onto UT-143/Canyon Rd. and continue for 5.3 miles up the canyon until you arrive at the area explain above.


Anonymous said...

is this a dog friendly trail? anyone know.

Randall McConnell said...

Yes it is dog friendly.